Jan 282014
Life in the USA-2014: The real state of the union

Every January the US president gives a speech (or report) describing the current “State of the Union”. Originally it was aimed at the US congress, […]

Nov 032011
Legendary US Foreign Policy Critic Noam Chomsky wins Sydney Peace Prize 2011

The $50,000 Sydney Peace award for 2011 goes to the veteran American linguist, social scientist, human rights campaigner and political activist for what the Foundation […]

Oct 302011
The untold story of a rising species and its global destruction through over-production

The human species has always loved producing things. It loved it so much that it produced things to last only a short time so they […]

Oct 212011

One of the consequences of decades of growing corporatism – governments in bed with large corporations – is the unbelievable power of the pharmaceutical industry. […]

Aug 222011
7 techniques used by governments & media to push freedom smashing legislation

It is tempting to feel that we can never be safe enough. Any measure that increases our security must be a god thing right? Well, […]

Aug 142011
14 ideas how to reduce advertising and over-consumption

With the use of free Adblock plugins in internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome it has become easy to reduce advertising – […]

Aug 022011
5 recommended video documentaries you may not see on TV (Set 1)

Here are some recommended videos which you will not likely see on television in many countries. You may find many of your own suspicions confirmed […]

Aug 022011
How come the stock market gets free advertising in the mainstream news (USA, Australia)?

One thing I noticed when I moved to the US – and to a lesser extend  when I moved to Australia – was the consistent […]

Jul 312011
The bizarre business of intentional product failure: planned obsolescence

For at least a century many products have been purposefully designed to fail – so we can buy them again and again. This rather bizarre […]