Feb 122012
Dirty, Soft Science - a New Obstacle to Finding Truth ?

In recent decades, fuelled by the need for never-ending economic growth in the post world war 2  economic paradigm, science has become “soft” or “semi-science”. […]

Feb 042012
What if 30 000+ scientists are right and not CO2 but something else causes climate change?

The question is not “Is the climate changing?” or “is it getting warmer?”. These are fairly uncontroversial questions and less important than these: What if […]

Nov 092011
Noam Chomsky - a Left Gatekeeper? So What?

When a respected dissident, someone who is extremely critical towards the government and usual not shy to blame it for rather sever acts, essentially states […]

Oct 302011
The untold story of a rising species and its global destruction through over-production

The human species has always loved producing things. It loved it so much that it produced things to last only a short time so they […]

Oct 212011

One of the consequences of decades of growing corporatism – governments in bed with large corporations – is the unbelievable power of the pharmaceutical industry. […]

Oct 132011
Electronic voting machines - Is hacking US democracy possible? A short review.

Electronic voting machines have the potential to destroy any democracy quickly and silently. By handing over the power of the people to the hands of […]

Aug 152011
Congratulations Sao Paulo, Brazil! Successfully fighting advertising and visual pollution for 4 years!

It has been over four years now that one of the biggest cities in the western world has banned any form of outdoor advertising: Sao […]

Aug 142011
14 ideas how to reduce advertising and over-consumption

With the use of free Adblock plugins in internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome it has become easy to reduce advertising – […]

Aug 092011
Shocking! Governments only interested in getting us back to over-consumption

It’s unbelievable. We are facing a serious global crisis (global fiat money system collapsing, resource and energy shortages,..) and all our  countries’ leaders care about […]

Aug 022011
How come the stock market gets free advertising in the mainstream news (USA, Australia)?

One thing I noticed when I moved to the US – and to a lesser extend  when I moved to Australia – was the consistent […]

Jul 312011
The bizarre business of intentional product failure: planned obsolescence

For at least a century many products have been purposefully designed to fail – so we can buy them again and again. This rather bizarre […]