Jan 282014
Life in the USA-2014: The real state of the union

Every January the US president gives a speech (or report) describing the current “State of the Union”. Originally it was aimed at the US congress, […]

Oct 042011
Anti Wall Street - "Occupy Wall Street" - demonstrations: First official statement

As expected, the ongoing and increasing anti Wall-Street demonstrations – the anti corporatism demonstrations also known as “Occupy Wall Street (OWS)” in New York and […]

Sep 302011
Simulation: Could mutual debt cancellation to achieve debt reduction work in Europe?

Below is the encouraging result of a simulation for mutual debt cancellation in Europe. However, I admit it, I don’t think mutual debt cancellation to […]

Sep 272011
18 signs, 6 charts, 3 videos predicting a major economic collapse in USA & Europe

Here is a list of the most worrying signs indicating an imminent escalation of the financial situation in the US and Europe. As, again, nothing […]

Aug 292011
Ron Paul's powerful political positions - unmodified, uncensored and on one page

When I talk about presidential candidate Ron Paul I keep hearing he wants to get back to the gold standard or legalize marijuana and similar […]

Aug 112011
Riot criminality - a product of consumerism and social breakdown?

Here is an excellent article on how consumerism should be considered the true direct cause of riot crimes (and probably many others). Consumerism, of course, […]