Dec 192011
George Bush & Tony Blair found guilty for international war crimes in Malaysia tribunal

This unlikely event sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, while the “validity” or relevance of the Malaysia tribunal may be seen as rather symbolic […]

Nov 092011
Noam Chomsky - a Left Gatekeeper? So What?

When a respected dissident, someone who is extremely critical towards the government and usual not shy to blame it for rather sever acts, essentially states […]

Nov 032011
Legendary US Foreign Policy Critic Noam Chomsky wins Sydney Peace Prize 2011

The $50,000 Sydney Peace award for 2011 goes to the veteran American linguist, social scientist, human rights campaigner and political activist for what the Foundation […]

Aug 292011
Ron Paul's powerful political positions - unmodified, uncensored and on one page

When I talk about presidential candidate Ron Paul I keep hearing he wants to get back to the gold standard or legalize marijuana and similar […]

Aug 182011

Here are the results of the important Ames, Iowa straw poll August 2011: A total of 16,892 people cast votes in the 2011 Ames Straw […]

Jul 302011
Ron Paul - The only US presidential candidate for peace and true democracy

Ok, here is my very first post. I can’t help but it has to be about the elections for the US presidency & the obvious […]