May 252014
The downside of automatic CAPTCHA plugins: aiding the enemy (spammers)

Over 60% of all visitors to the average website are non-human. Many of these are automatic spam robots. These so called bots post comments with […]

Apr 282014
Centralized power: How I became god

A poem about decentralized versus centralized power, freedom, liberty, control of the evolving internet, information and democracy. How I became god Hi, my name is […]

Sep 082012
One mind trick to succeed -  not only in badminton games

Mind tricks are powerful – not only in politics, economics, information technology or general media propaganda but also in sports. Today I tried out a […]

Oct 132011
Electronic voting machines - Is hacking US democracy possible? A short review.

Electronic voting machines have the potential to destroy any democracy quickly and silently. By handing over the power of the people to the hands of […]

Oct 042011
Anti Wall Street - "Occupy Wall Street" - demonstrations: First official statement

As expected, the ongoing and increasing anti Wall-Street demonstrations – the anti corporatism demonstrations also known as “Occupy Wall Street (OWS)” in New York and […]

Aug 242011
List of shocking, current and proposed, freedom smashing legislation in the USA

Freedom smashing legislation / bills Currently (Aug 2011) proposed bills to restore some liberties and abandon some worrying bills can be found at the end […]

Aug 222011
7 techniques used by governments & media to push freedom smashing legislation

It is tempting to feel that we can never be safe enough. Any measure that increases our security must be a god thing right? Well, […]