Jan 282014
Life in the USA-2014: The real state of the union

Every January the US president gives a speech (or report) describing the current “State of the Union”. Originally it was aimed at the US congress, […]

Feb 152012
Two Alternatives to Crony Capitalism & Corporatism: Ron Paul and Peter Joseph

Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may […]

Feb 102012
If the 1 % and powerful psychopaths didn't exist - would the system create them?

It seems that in the past decade more and more people become aware that life is not getting better for them. In particular in the […]

Oct 302011
The untold story of a rising species and its global destruction through over-production

The human species has always loved producing things. It loved it so much that it produced things to last only a short time so they […]

Oct 042011
Anti Wall Street - "Occupy Wall Street" - demonstrations: First official statement

As expected, the ongoing and increasing anti Wall-Street demonstrations – the anti corporatism demonstrations also known as “Occupy Wall Street (OWS)” in New York and […]

Oct 042011
Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Michael Moore & Noam Chomsky: Fight Corporatism!

Why fight corporatism?   Corporatism is the organization of a society into  corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and […]

Sep 302011
Simulation: Could mutual debt cancellation to achieve debt reduction work in Europe?

Below is the encouraging result of a simulation for mutual debt cancellation in Europe. However, I admit it, I don’t think mutual debt cancellation to […]

Sep 272011
18 signs, 6 charts, 3 videos predicting a major economic collapse in USA & Europe

Here is a list of the most worrying signs indicating an imminent escalation of the financial situation in the US and Europe. As, again, nothing […]

Aug 292011
Ron Paul's powerful political positions - unmodified, uncensored and on one page

When I talk about presidential candidate Ron Paul I keep hearing he wants to get back to the gold standard or legalize marijuana and similar […]

Aug 092011
Shocking! Governments only interested in getting us back to over-consumption

It’s unbelievable. We are facing a serious global crisis (global fiat money system collapsing, resource and energy shortages,..) and all our  countries’ leaders care about […]

Aug 052011

Some printers simply use ink just to clean their printer heads. This already adds significantly to ink consumption. Moreover, the wasted ink accumulates in the […]

Aug 032011
5 recommended video documentaries you may not see on TV (Set 2)

Here are 5 more video documentaries which I found very interesting and very much worth watching for those who car about the human species.. “Zeitgeist: […]