About this Blog


This is my personal and therefore independent blog. As such it is likely to focus on my areas of interest:

  1. media spin, deception, propaganda techniques
  2. global and international economic issues; corporatism
  3. social, educational and environmental issues
  4. science and technology

Much of it may relate to the United States (USA) and Europe – focusing on things that don’t work in my opinion.

I believe by disclosing bias every communicator or medium can increase its value as opinion forming information source tremendously. So here it goes:

My current “agenda” is to inspect critically the status quo and – where I can – point out possible solutions or at least  interesting alternatives. Other than that my political orientation is not set in stone. My passion is continuous learning and I welcome any opinions with good arguments and reasonably reliable data. Specifically my blog’s current (August 2011) bias is:

  • pro: decentralization of power in all areas (economics, politics, education, science etc.), crypto -currencies (Bitcoin and others), open source, a truly free market (i.e. most direct form of democracy: people vote through their actions and individually on specific issues – not for packaged political parties), a mainstream discussion of the big issues and all alternatives (including serious system changes like PARECON, a resource base economy or anarcho capitalism)
  • contra: any form of large scale centralization, large corporations (corporatism), fiat money, large unions if regular citizens have no significant voice anymore as they become too big (EU, IMF, NATO, WHO..)
  • pro: more personal freedom, responsibility and critical thinking, fewer legal restriction and bureaucracy
    contra: “nanny state”
  • pro: system supported system checks (investigative journalism, media watch dogs, free press/speech) legal consistency (adhering to a countries constitution)
    contra: large scale corporate & government media propaganda (=mainstream media),