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As a supporter of the fantastic free (open source) operating system Ubuntu (a common variety of Linux), I like to help the community with (hopefully) some useful info. My Ubuntu posts so far seem quite popular – and supporting free open source software feels … well, just so wonderful in a world driven by perpetual increasing corporate profit.

Ubuntu on sub notebook

Ubuntu on sub notebook

The internal card reader of my HP Pavillion notebook did not recognize XD memory cards. In Januay 2011 I contacted Jmicron :

Email to Jmicron requesting a patch for the JMB38x card reader

Dear support at Jmicron,
I have just installed the latest long-term release of Ubuntu
10.04 (Lucid) 64bit and all updates that came with it.
My problem is that the build-in card reader JMB38X  in my
notebook does not recognise a xd picture card (Olympus).
It does work with an SD card (Apacer) though.

I use the XD card in my cameras and it would be very
important for me to get it to work without an external card
reader. Do you have a patch/driver that could fix this? On
your website it says that this card reader is supported for
Ubuntu and Lucid comes with 2.6.36 which is much younger
than the minimum stated on the website (2.6.18) - so that
should not be the problem I believe.
Many thanks for any help,


Within a day or so I got the driver that fixed the issue – see below. The JMB38x memory card reader driver is here:  driver_JMB38x


Installation of the patch / driver for the JMB38x memory card reader

1. Decompress jmb38x_xxxxxxxx.tbz2 (replace the x… with the real file name, to see the filenames you can type “l”)

  • tar xjvf jmb38x_xxxxxxxx.tbz2

2. Change directory to jmb38x

  • cd jmb38x

3. Compile drivers with root permission in two steps

  • sudo make
  • sudo make install


I was very happy to see Ubuntu supported by Jmicron – many thanks also to the fast acting support person. The card now also reads 8 GB SDHC memory cards FAT32 formatted with no problem.

Appendix: Additional info about the JMB38x card reader driver

Release Date: 2011/01/19

Support Kernels: 2.6.22~2.6.37

Support Chips: JMB38x MS/xD Host Controller [DID: 2383/2384, 2388/2389, 2393/2394]

Support Memory Cards: Memory Stick Standard/Pro/Pro-HG Card xD-Picture Card


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