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Global Production - Global Destruction - Our Planet: Earth

The human species has always loved producing things. It loved it so much that it produced things to last only a short time so they could produce more things every year. To further advance the earthling’s passion for the ever-increasing “great production”, they came up with many brilliant ideas.

For example, the late earthlings told each other that everyone should strive to wear unique clothes and own unique things – and most of all – dispose of these every year. They also reduced calories in their food so they could eat and produce more. They also reduced nutrients in their food so they could produce food supplements.

Then they began to convince each other that they can never be secure enough, beautiful enough or healthy enough. That way humans could produce safety and “beautification” products, including appearance-changing surgery and daily needed chemicals to stay healthy. Ironically, the most production-stimulating  products were those that everyone believed to work – but didn’t really.

1. The Great Production (& Intentional Obsolescence)

Happiness & health – the older, traditional goals of humans – stood in the way of increasing production and therefore had to become unachievable or at best a temporary phenomenon. Healthy happy humans, simply would not need many things. So the earthlings came up with ways to keep each other as unhappy and as unhealthy as humanly tolerable.

The only limit was that, despite their poor health,  most humans still had to be able to produce and acquire something. The more productive their communities became, the less healthy their life styles and diet was and the more unhappy they became.

The late earthlings could have eradicated many deadly diseases. But this would have meant stopping the great production of drugs and machines that both treat and investigate the symptoms of these production boosting diseases.

One particular community with many unhappy and unhealthy humans was producing more things than any other community on Earth. This community was also the biggest producer of destruction devices. Making these destruction devices was particularly important to human productivity because these devices could destroy a lot of things earthlings had made – in very little time.

This community had been very generous in helping humans in other communities to destroy their things. That way they could re-build many of their things together. Eventually these destruction devices were offered to all other communities that had not yet discovered that removing the traditional happiness & health goal allows for more production.

Soon Earth was inhabited by very productive but not so happy and healthy humans.

2. The Crisis of “Bore-Doom”

Every few years Earth experienced the “big reminder”.  Despite all efforts and the powerful destruction devices, earthlings periodically reached a point where production had to slow down because they ran out of needed things to produce. They only noticed that because they had to tell some earthlings that their passion for participating in the great production could not be realized anymore.

Although more than enough was available, these forced unproductive earthlings were not permitted to get enough food, live in their houses and acquire other things they need to live. They now observed very consciously how many things they had acquired did not allow them to live independently.

They needed to be part of the great production to be able to maintain their things because their designed-to-fail things stopped working to soon.

Unemployment - Global Production - Global Destruction - Our Planet: Earth

Global destruction? There are those who deserve a planet and those who don’t. Cartoon credit to naturalnews.com

Interestingly, earthlings did not give each other the permission to acquire things without being part of the great production.

Instead, the earthlings insisted that there must be a way to keep production growing. Everyone must be part of it!
Remarkably, despite the increasing challenges, for decades they did indeed find many solutions to  increase production every year.

During the last big reminder though, they finally had no idea how to increase production further. The only way to keep production going was to give everyone, including the unproductive individuals, the right to acquire things without having to be part of the great production.

This era became known as the “Crises  of Bore-Doom”. For the first time in history, Earth had a large number of unproductive humans who were frustrated as they no longer were participating in the great production.

3. The Great Global Destruction

At last they had the permission to acquire anything they needed. but now the eager earthlings did not know what to do with their time. What else could matter in their lives – other than being part of the big production? Eventually their machines produced so much that all humans became unproductive and the “Crises  of Bore-Doom” escalated into the “Great Global Destruction”.

One half of the population viciously tried to destroy the machines that stole their “right to participation in the great production” while the other half defended the machines hoping they could use them, perhaps, after finding another purpose for living. The “Great Global Destruction” lasted 500 years.

Thanks to the many powerful destruction devices The Great Global Destruction reduced mankind’s population by 99 %. All machines were destroyed and almost all knowledge lost during generations of chaos and suffering.

So, humans did eventually give up their worshiped participation in the great over-production. But it was too late. The earthlings simply could not handle their sudden independence and freedom of choosing what to do.

It remains a mystery why – so far – there is not a single civilization in this part of the galaxy that managed to give each other the permission to produce less, work less and acquire lessearly enough. Early enough, so the transition to a life with purposes other than “production” could be adopted without pushing the reset button of the species’  evolution.

Strange things these humans do.

Keywords: planned obsolescence, intentional obsolescence, economic collapse, global destruction


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