Oct 212011

One of the consequences of decades of growing corporatism – governments in bed with large corporations – is the unbelievable power of the pharmaceutical industry. Decide for yourself if the following statements are likely true or at least could be true.

  1. A cure for cancer will never happen because treating cancer is much more profitable.
  2. If a cure for a major disease is offered then only if it involves bigger profits than treating it – think e.g. AIDS.
  3. If we had a healthy diet and active lifestyle we would ruin our  economic system – not just the pharmaceutical industry.


Could it be that our economic system is not adequate for what most humans want and need? Here is an excellent 5 min video about the “Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century”.

If you still have the time (10min) for a more specific example how you may have been misguided by big Pharma and the media watch this interview with Ron Rosedale, MD. Dr, Rosedale is a nationally known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine, speaks about common cholesterol “distortions”, and exposes the deceptions and misconceptions that you have been told about cholesterol’s impact on your health. A friendlier but I believe also more naive term to use would be oversimplification that favours fear and over-consumption (of selling cholesterol lowering drugs in this case).

What is “bad” cholesterol exactly?

Here is an excellent health blog with details to answer the cholesterol question. Or watch the video below:

How do I know that this is finally the truth? Well, I don’t but I tend to believe things that make sense in the world I know.

Also many deceptions are not very deep and become very obvious (“oversimplifications”) upon digging a little deeper  – which many people don’t as they trust the (corporate) media would inform us of such big issues. Judging the strength of the motif is the key if evidence is less reliable or available to reveal reliable meaningful information.

Do we need a conspiracy of a few people pulling these things (e.g. “cholesterol or HDL is always bad”) off? No, we just need the profit motive, corporatism and the human mind.

High cholesterol has been advertised in several countries a deadly common diseaseof course not without mentioning the name of the pill that you can buy to save your life. High cholesterol was not advertised as one of many conditions that can lead to heart disease.

Most other conditions require life style changes like exercise and healthier eating habits – for which no pill can be sold. Fear mongering and disease mongering e.g. the creation of new “diseases” like shyness or a low sex drive, depression, hair loss.. with the ultimate goal to sell a pill is extremely effective in creating millions of dollars for big Pharma.

I can highly recommend the best-selling book “Bad Science” by medical doctor Ben Goldacre to those interested in deceptions in particular in pharmaceutical science.  You may also find his blog very useful. He (and I) also highly recommends “Testing Treatments” is an excellent book on evidence based medicine (also exposing many common “mistakes”) that is even available – for free and in several languages – as pdf.

I am curious to hear some readers opinions about the prospect of a cure for cancer.

Strange things humans do.


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