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Here are some recommended videos which you will not likely see on television in many countries. You may find many of your own suspicions confirmed and possibly some new pieces of evidence  and ideas. All of these can be watched online (search free documentaries, try YouTube or google-videos or search in this forum) – even better pay for a dvd or download, it is money well spent.

If you have only time for one or two documentaries this year – I recommend the first two parts of “The Century of Self” and as a bonus  the enligthing “Manufacturing consent: Noam Chomsky and the media” or the “The light bulb conspiracy” with its shocking implications for mankinds future and recent past.

The Light bulb Conspiracy (aka Pyramids of Waste)

To maintain consumption products are often designed to fail (planned obsolescence)


“Pyramids of Waste” also known as “The untold story of planned obsolescence. The light bulb conspiracy”.. is a 2010 documentary by Cosima Dannoritzer that tells the untold story of Planned Obsolescence (the deliberate shortening of product life spans by manufacturers to guarantee consumer demand.

Thomas Edison’s first commercial light bulb in 1881 lasted 1500 hours. In 1924 manufactures proudly advertised light bulbs that lasted 2400 hours Osram, Philips, Tungsram and others decided in 1924  to limit the life time of its light bulbs to 1000 hours worldwide and issued fines for non compliance via the Phobus Cartel. Lifetimes up to 100 000 hours were patented but never reached the general public.

This documentary provides astonishing evidence that the leading manufacturers have conspired already in the early 20th century to create higher sales and profits to the expense of both real human progress and improved and sustainable life quality.

The documentary also shows video footage about intentionally downgraded long-lasting women’s tights as well as planned obsolescence in self disabling printers that could be reset with software written by a Russian engineer and more.


The Century of Self - Adam Curtis

Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays helped american people become mass consumers.

“The Century of Self” is an award-winning British television (BBC) documentary film in 4 (55min) parts by Adam Curtis. The Century of the Self tells the untold story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Britain and the United States. How was the all-consuming self-created, by whom, and in whose interests? The four parts comprise: 1. Happiness Machines 2. The Engineering of Consent 3. There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed 4. Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering.
Where once the political process was about engaging people’s rational, conscious minds, as well as facilitating their needs as a society, the documentary shows how by employing the tactics of psychoanalysis, politicians appeal to irrational, primitive impulses that have little apparent bearing on issues outside of the narrow self-interest of a consumer population.
He cites Paul Mazer, a Wall Street banker working for Lehman Brothers in the 1930s: “We must shift America from a needs- to a desires-culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things, even before the old have been entirely consumed. […] Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.”

Corporations and Politicians have utilized Freud’s theories during the last 100 years for the “engineering of consent”. An entire family tree (Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, Edward Bernays, Matthew Freud) was heavily involved in the regrettable  transition of the American people from being citizens to becoming proud mass consumers.

Although giving it points for touching on a topic (corporate propaganda) normally ignored by mainstream media, the series has been  criticized by the liberal media watch dog media lens for not  mentioning the full extend of the killing including the many countries that followed the mentioned example of Guatemala. Media lens would have also emphasized more directly that the  driving forces for the manipulations of the people were the thirst for corporate and political profits, not so much any psychological theories to control mass “democracy”.

The Century of Self - Adam Curtis

The techniques media use to shape desirable opinions.

“Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media” ..directed by Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick, partly based upon the book, presents the propaganda model and its arguments, and a biography of Chomsky. Chomsky, the eighth most cited source of all time, is also considered the “most cited living author” as well as the leading critic of US foreign policy.

Using the propaganda model, Manufacturing Consent posits that corporate – owned news mass communication media — print, radio, television — are businesses subject to commercial competition for advertising revenue and profit. As such, their distortion (editorial bias) of news reportage — i.e. what types of news, which items, and how they are reported — is a consequence of the profit motive that requires establishing a stable, profitable business; therefore, news businesses favoring profit over the public interest succeed, while those favoring reportorial accuracy over profits fail, and are relegated to the margins of their markets (low sales and ratings).


Michael Moore: "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Financial crisis 2007: Are we patching the wrong system?

“Capitalism: A Love Story” .. is a 2009 American documentary film directed, written by and starring Michael Moore.

The film centers on the financial crisis of 2007–2010 and the recovery stimulus, while putting forward an indictment of the current economic order in the United States and capitalism in general.

Topics covered include Wall Street’s “casino mentality”, for-profit prisons, Goldman Sachs’ influence in Washington, D.C., the poverty-level wages of many workers, the large wave of home foreclosures, corporate-owned life insurance, and the consequences of “runaway greed”.

The film also features a religious component where Moore examines whether or not capitalism is a sin and if Jesus would be a capitalist.


The War on Democracy

A history of US wars against democracies in Latin America

“The War on Democracy” .. is a 2007 award-winning documentary film directed by Christopher Martin and John Pilger. The film uses archive footage to support its claim that democracy has been wiped out in country after country in Latin America since the 1950s. Testimonies from those who fought for democracy in Chile and Bolivia are also used.  It allows viewers to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror.

Pilger traveled through Venezuela with its president, Hugo Chavez, who he regards as an example for an oil-producing nation who has used its resources democratically for the education and health of its people. The Venezuelan segment of the film features the coup of 2002, captured in archival footage.

The film shows how the 2002 coup against Chavez was backed by rich and powerful (often foreign) interests under U.S. support  and media spin and how Chavez was brought back to power by the  Venezuelan people. Pilger describes the advances in Venezuela’s new social democracy.  Watch at http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf … e18236.htm

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